MES’s Chiropractic Imaging Specialists will tailor-design a chiropractic imaging solution to meet the workflow needs of your facility while keeping in mind that we are implementing a cost-effective business solution. We represent many reputable product lines with the various imaging technologies available today. Whether you are considering a high volume DR, high to medium volume CR, or even a film-based solution.

Digital Computerized Radiography (CR)
MES will assist in choosing the most cost effective unit for your practice volume and specialties. See our Digital Products CR Solutions section.

Direct Radiography (DR)
Retrofit your current x-ray system with a digital flat panel for outstanding image quality while eliminating film processing and darkrooms! See our Digital Products – DR retrofits”

Cost effective mini PACS solutions are available for image archive-retrieval-viewing.

New and Used Equipment
MES has access to a wide variety of OEM products specific to chiropractic needs. Used systems are based on availability.

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