Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS)

MES experience has shown the PACS (communication) architecture is the most overlooked aspect of digital integration, and yet holds the greatest opportunity for workflow gains in efficiency.

MES’s time & tested approach to PACS/RIS

MES has recognized that each healthcare facility has a unique set of requirements based on size, workflow, and specialty viewing. Many PACS systems deliver a standard functionality without regard to the differences in how large and small medical facilities operate. MES provides a modular and scalable approach to PACS, because we believe the best way to architect a PACS solution is based on your practice’s individual needs as opposed to a off-the-shelf, one-product-fits-all approach.

MES will help you evaluate your business imaging needs for volume, storage, back-up, on-site/off-site communications, and viewing needs.

MES will help you architect a customized “best fit” solution to your specific needs of today and tomorrow’s growth.

Key Opportunities

  • DICOM Workstation Selection
  • Mini PACS
  • WEB based PACS
  • Enterprise PACS
  • Cloud based PACS
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