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Through years of research, field-testing and practical application, HyGenesis has created a
unique system designed to significantly reduce community acquired infections in high
population environments including healthcare, schools and corporate institutions by reducing
bio-burden by as much as 80% over extended periods of time.

Based on HyGenesis proprietary formulations and the unique organosilane molecule developed
by Dow Chemical, the HyGenesis System is designed to simplify and lower the cost of the
cleaning and disinfection function for any size facility by as much as 30%.

The technology built into the HyGenesis System protects against the most serious and
persistent “super bugs” including MRSA, VRE, viruses, including flu, as well as mold and mildew.
The System is designed to protect all “high touch” areas including hands, surfaces and fabrics.

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) account for more than a $1 billion problem for the
healthcare industry alone.

The HyGenesis System is designed to work better and cost less than the cleaning and
disinfecting protocols that are currently practiced for treatment of personnel, surfaces and
fabrics in any facility.

All HyGenesis System products have the required FDA and EPA registrations

The HyGenesis System includes:

Microorganisms Tested
Microorganisms Sheet

Hand Armor
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Surface Armor
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Textile Armor
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