Surgery Centers
The first ambulatory surgery center was established in Phoenix, Arizona in 1970 by two physicians who wanted to provide timely, convenient and comfortable surgical services to patients in the community, avoiding more impersonal venues like regular hospitals. ‘Procedures’ performed in surgery centers are broad in scope. In the 1980s and 1990s, many procedures that used to be preformed exclusively in hospitals began taking place in ambulatory surgery centers as well. Many knee, shoulder, eye, spine, and other surgeries are currently performed in these centers. In the US today, more than 50% of Colonoscopy services are performed in ambulatory surgery centers.

Fluoroscopic C-Arms
Crisp images assist surgeons with visibility and guidance through a stream of fluoroscopic images. OEC units offer the power and durability for continuous or sporadic fluoroscopic quality views that are critical to accurate guidance. MES offers sales, calibrations, and services for all C-Arms. Patient Positioning Tables Obtaining quality images is often dependent on the position of the patient. Since humans come in many sizes and shapes, a highly flexible table can be the key to easily acquiring the exact view needed.

Surgery Center Biomed Equipment
Calibration/Safety Test for Federal/State Compliance: EKG - Defibrillators - Otisscope - Blood Pressure Cuffs - Opthalama Scope - Etc.

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