Mobile Medical

GE AMX Mobile X-Ray
M.E.S. offers sales and service of used and refurbished GE AMX mobile units, including those with digital flat panel capability. We have GE AMX rental units upon availability.

ImageSedecal Rad Room on Wheels
This mobile system is equipped with a battery-assisted 30 kW compact generator, the world’s smallest X-Ray generator in its category. Designed with an AC/DC converter, this Sedecal Mobile unit can perform X-Ray exams without being connected to a power source. This feature in conjunction with a three-point articulated arm facilitates easy patient positioning.

Portable X-Ray
M.E.S. has extensive experience servicing units of all manufacturers. Port-A-Ray Dynarad Stearns Mix-X Sedecal Acoma

Vehicle Mounted CRs
CR’s can now be mounted inside vehicles for mobile medical use to improve workflow and efficiency.

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